Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Experts | Tips For Tenants: What to think about when vacating your rental

Tips For Tenants: What to think about when vacating your rental

Tips For Tenants: What to think about when vacating your rental

Avoiding possible issues, unexpected fines and delays to moving into your new home can be easy if you consider the right things before moving. G and P Cleaning Services understands the common problems individuals run into when vacating their rentals. To ensure a seamless transition into your new home, individuals should consider the following six tips:

Giving notice ahead of time

First and foremost, renters should ensure they issue a vacating notice to their landlord, ensuring the appropriate number of days, depending on circumstance, is given. Aside from giving notice to landlords, tenants should also notify all providers, arranging disconnection of home phones, gas supply, electricity and any rental payment agreements in place. Giving 48 hours’ notice will ensure they’re able to provide a final meter reading and disconnection. Failing to do so could have huge consequences and mean paying the next tenant’s bill.

Change your address

Changing your address can be a tedious task many individuals often overlook. But not receiving important mail is not worth the risk. Prior to vacating a property, tenants should ensure they contact all relevant companies and inform them of their new address. It is also important to provide the landlord with the new forwarding address, so you will be notified if they decide to dispute the bond or apply for compensation.

Take photos and compare the property against the condition report

Particularly important to ensuring full bond is refunded, individuals should take photos of the property once it has been cleaned and ask the real estate agency for the condition report for the property. Photos should also be taken of the new property before moving in. Taking these precautions will ensure tenants are protected from possible disputes and cleaning fees from their landlord.

Gather the keys

Before vacating the property, tenants should return all keys to the landlord, including any extras that were made. It doesn’t seem like something that could be an issue, but not returning keys in time can result in hefty fines and further legal disputes. Equally important, tenants should ensure keys are delivered in person to the landlord themselves and have a receipt written up documenting the delivery. Although the best option, if not able to deliver the keys to the landlord directly, individuals should return them to an authorised agent in the presence of a third-party witness, again asking for a written receipt documenting the delivery. Ensuring you have strong proof that all keys were returned by the due date will help protect you from possible claims from the landlord that the property was not vacated by the due date. This can lead to the tenant paying additional rent, losing the security deposit or having an amount deducted for the cost of a new lock and key set.

Getting your bond back quickly

Having your bond fully refunded will depend mostly on the condition of the property after the final inspection clean. However, other steps should also be taken to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Individuals should complete and send the refund of rental bond to the Residential Tenancies Authority once the tenancy has ended, ensuring that everyone listed on the bond signs the form. Additionally, individuals should approach their landlord and discuss and agree on how the bond will be paid. This should be documented in writing to avoid possible disputed refunds down the track.

Tying up loose ends

Lastly, it is important that tenants ensure that any outstanding payments are made and any damages to the property are repaired before vacating the property. Addressing any issues early on will help ensure the transition into your new home is smooth and easy.

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