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We are the Bond Cleaning Gold Coast Experts. At G&P Cleaning Services we offer high quality bond cleaning gold coast services at affordable rates and service all of the Gold Coast.  We are a local, family run business you can trust for all your Bond Cleaning Gold Coast needs.  You will be guaranteed a professional service with a high quality finish that will leave your property flawless. We have a 100% Bond Refund Policy and we are available 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday 7am-5pm to service all of your general bond cleaning Gold Coastrequirements. Contact us for a free quote today or to arrange a bond cleaning service for your property on the Gold Coast!

We specialise in end of lease Bond Cleaning Gold Coast to take the stress out of your move! We will clean it so you don’t have to worry about it! Our bond cleaning Gold Coast services focus on a high quality clean for your property, from the kitchen to the garage, guaranteed to impress your real estate agent and get your bond back.  If you want a high quality, professional bond cleaning service on the Gold Coast then give us a call today!

Here’s what we offer in our Bond Cleaning Gold Coast services:



At G&P Cleaning we pride ourselves on our professional service and a quality finish. Let us take the stress out of your move by handling all your high quality end of lease bond cleaning services on the Gold Coast. We are a family run business that you can trust, and we have a 100% Bond refund policy.


Many of us don’t like to spring clean as it requires a lot of time and effort. We at G&P CLEANING SERVICES make sure that your house looks spotless. We are confident that we offer the most professional and quality High Quality Spring Cleaning Service on the Gold Coast.


Have you ever started to vacuum clean your carpet and suddenly noticed that it doesn’t look nearly as bright as it once did? Or was it perhaps that strange stale odour that your carpet gives off that made you realize that you need to find professional carpet cleaner?


You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘kitchens sell houses’.  That’s why a messy and unhygienic kitchen is not attractive, especially when you’re trying to get your bond back! Why do you need a clean kitchen? That’s because the entire kitchen is a bacterial breeding ground. You may think it’s clean enough but in reality you’ve probably missed most of the bacterial hotspots when cleaning the kitchen yourself. Did you know that refrigerators, dishwashers, cabinets and handles are the most unclean surfaces in your entire kitchen? This is because they are the things that get touched the most often, multiple times during the day and overtime are built up with grime and dirt. Without a thorough clean these surfaces could stand in the way between you and your bond! With so little time to clean let us take care of your kitchen cleaning needs so that you can focus on the fun things in life! When we clean your kitchen we focus on the dirtiest, most contaminated areas for a spotless, deep clean.  Large appliances such as ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers and range hoods receive our most careful attention. We also wipe down kitchen surfaces including cabinets, sinks and floors to restore that sparkle back to your kitchen. We use efficient products that provide a thorough clean without damaging appliances or surfaces. With our superb bond cleaning Gold Coast services your kitchen will look spotless and you will get your bond back!


The average bathroom is home to a number of germs and bacteria, making it by far everyone’s least favourite room to clean in the entire house. With more and more people being time poor when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, most people often rush through the cleaning process – which is not great. Without a deep, thorough clean germs and bacteria in the bathroom multiply which can often lead to illnesses. That’s why during a property inspection you wouldn’t want to risk the chance of not getting your bond because of an unclean bathroom. Our specialists know how to make the bathroom shine from cleanliness and ensure that you get your bond back. We focus on bacteria infested hotspots such as showers, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, taps and floors. We even dust and wipe the exhaust fans, skirting boards and door frames. We use gentle and effective cleaning products to ensure that you get your bond back!


The bedroom is considered to be one of the main rooms in the entire home and a dirty, messy bedroom is not guaranteed to get you your bond back! An unclean bedroom is home to not only hidden bacteria and germs but is also the hotspot for allergen nasties such as dust mites. Our professional team knows these hotspots and will thoroughly clean the bedroom inside and out focusing on areas that are prone to excessive dust build ups. Our staff use industry graded tools and products to ensure a thorough and deep clean of the bedroom guaranteed to get your bond back. That’s why when we clean bedrooms during a bond cleaning Gold Coast service we pay close attention to detail to ensure you receive the highest quality service possible.


Perhaps the laundry is the least populated room in the home but not necessarily the cleanest. The laundry is a room that has a high build-up of dust and cob webs in comparison to other rooms. With our bond cleaning Gold Coast services we ensure that your laundry is spotless and clean so you get your bond back.


Hallways receive the greatest traffic than any other area in the house and are always highly visible. Walls in hallways are therefore highly susceptible to scuffs, marks, hand or finger prints and the odd spill. Without a proper wipe down and clean these wall markings could stand between you and your much awaited bond. That’s why during a bond cleaning Gold Coast service our team of professionals focus on spot cleaning walls as needed. Most of the time hallways have mirrors which too are magnets for smudges and fingerprints. Our team use efficient products and tools to clean hallways and mirrors. It doesn’t matter where the spots are located, our team of professionals are equipped with tools that allow them to spot clean no matter the height.


Balconies are prone to adverse outdoor conditions and as a result have the highest build-up of dirt, dust and other outdoor elements. Cleaning the balcony can be a hassle and very time consuming especially if it’s extremely dirty. As the balcony is usually located outdoors it’s easy to forget to clean this area. During an end of lease property inspection the balcony can be one of the most inspected areas so make sure yours is in tip top condition. Let the professionals at G&P Cleaning Services take care of your balcony cleaning needs to ensure you pass your inspection and get your bond back.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpeted areas in the home generate high traffic flow which wears down and dirties the carpet. That’s why it’s of the outmost important to maintain the carpet in top condition. The most effective way to refresh and restore the life of your carpet is through the process of Carpet Steam Cleaning, which is the process of using hot water, essentially steam, to extract dirt and residue that has embedded itself in your carpet. This type of clean also deodorises and sanitises your carpet. We offer carpet steam cleaning during a bond cleaning Gold Coast service to bring your carpet back to life. We use environmentally friendly and non-toxic detergents that are highly efficient and won’t endanger your health and the health of your pets. After a carpet steam clean your carpeted surfaces will be left looking and smelling fresh, dirt free and in a condition guaranteed to get your bond back!

Dusting and general cleaning

Over time dust accumulates and coats most surfaces and as a result is extremely noticeable. During an end of lease inspection a large amount of dust could cost you your bond. In order to ensure you get your bond back we offer general dusting services. We will dust your ceiling fans, skirting boards and any other surface capable of dust build-up. In addition we also provide general cleaning services which includes dusting as well as mopping floors, spot cleaning walls, cleaning power points and light switches and removing air conditioning filters. If it’s dirty we will clean it!


Unclean windows restrict light flow and darken the inside of your home. On the inside smudge marks, dirt and dust residue accumulate which is unattractive and unappealing. G&P Cleaning Services focus on providing a thorough clean of your windows to freshen up the home and allow natural light to flow through. We also focus on ensuring that all glass sliding doors are cleaned to enable maximum sunshine to flow in. Let us save you time and stress by cleaning your windows during an end of lease bond cleaning Gold Coast service.


Overtime your garage has probably gathered a lot of objects as well as dust and dirt build-up. Cleaning out the garage can seem like a daunting and time consuming task that no one wants to do. When it comes to the end of your lease your garage will need a deep and thorough clean to restore it back to the condition it was in prior to when you first moved in. That’s why we offer a garage cleaning service to save you time and effort in completing this daunting task. Using only premium industry cleaning products  and equipment our dedicated staff will not only remove those pesky cobwebs but will also sweep the floors and spot clean walls as required. The condition of the garage will be restored, passing the inspection and ensuring you receive you bond!

Like what you see? Need a hand with your move? Let us help you get your bond back. Enquire online now for a free quote by filling out the easy to use form. Or alternatively give us a call today to find out more information about our bond cleaning Gold Coast services on 0427 148 780 or email