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Overall, the number of Methamphetamine (also known as meth and ice) users in Australia is dropping. However, among users, rates of regular use and dependency are growing.


This translates to a rate of meth contamination in properties that remains consistent despite the overall declining number of users. 
If residents have cooked meth, or smoked meth heavily within the property, it will leave a residue throughout the space. This residue is odourless and invisible, meaning it can only be detected through purpose-built testing.


So, why should you test your Gold Coast property for meth residue? 


  • There are instances of tenants taking legal action against landlords and property managers as a result of the health risks they have been exposed to from living in meth contaminated properties  
  • Immediate health impacts of living in a meth contaminated property can include respiratory issues, headaches, neurological problems, behavioural impacts, insomnia, eye irritation and skin reactions, including rashes, welts and hives.  
  • Long term health risks of exposure to a meth contaminated home can include high blood pressure, hypertension and cardiovascular health problems.  
  • Structural damages to the walls, ceiling, floor and countertops may be a result of meth being cooked or smoked in the area. In some instances, these damages are so bad that entire sections of wall may need to be replaced, costing you thousands of dollars in repair bills. 


G&P Cleaning Services conduct affordable end-to-end meth testing on the Gold Coast for a range of customer types. The G&P Cleaning Services meth testing procedures include: 


 1. Rapid meth testing from an experienced Gold Coast company

G&P Cleaning Services offer on-the-spot rapid testing of the rooms at your property to determine the presence of meth residue. 


2. Lab meth testing

If your on-the-spot meth testing returns a positive result, the team at G&P Cleaning Services will send the positive swabs to the lab for further testing.


3. Expert decontamination Clean  

Our professional Gold Coast bond cleaners are well-versed in carrying out full meth decontamination cleaning services. 


4. Certificate of Clearance

After the property has been fully decontaminated and returned a follow-up meth test with negative results, G&P Cleaning Services will provide you with a Certificate of Clearance to state that the issue has been fully rectified. 


G&P Cleaning Services recommend our Gold Coast meth testing service to: 


  • Those looking to buy a home 

Don’t risk costly repairs down the track. Organise a pre-purchase meth test to understand exactly what you’re buying before you commit.  


  • Property Managers & real estates 

We recommend our meth residue testing service as an end-of-lease procedure to demonstrate a duty of care to your new tenants and as a part of property purchase packages, to deliver total peace of mind to new home owners.  


  • Homeowners & Residents 

If you are concerned that someone in your home may be smoking or cooking meth, utilizing G&P Cleaning Services’ meth testing service is a simple way to find out.    


  • Prospective tenants  

Before you sign on the dotted line, organise a meth residue test to ensure you aren’t committing to a lease on a harmful meth-contaminated property.   


  • Landlords 

Protect your asset and employ high-quality meth testing at the close and start of tenancy agreements.  


G&P Cleaning Services are more than the Gold Coast’s most trusted bond cleaner. Our team provide everything you need to keep your property safe against pests, illegal drugs, dust and more. 


Our goal is to keep you, your family and your property happy and healthy. 

Reach out to us today for affordable meth residue testing in the Gold Coast.